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In recent times information has become more readily available. We are seeing busy professionals directing their own learning more and more. Professionals want to be able to learn in real-time, whilst on the job, and to quickly move from ‘not knowing’ to ‘doing’.  On demand training supports this by ensuring useful training content is available anywhere at any time.

Pivotal180’s hosted content solutions facilitate high quality on demand learning in real-time at the moment of need. 

Select from Pivotal180’s extensive suite of content that includes over a hundred hours of bite size modules covering all aspects of project finance, renewable energy and infrastructure modeling and much more.

Our world-class training is not limited to financial modeling and best practices in Microsoft Excel.  We are committed to explaining how the numbers align with underlying financial and engineering concepts, transaction structures, legal documentation, market conditions and risk management approaches. We don’t just teach how to build models. We teach how to do deals

Our training programs are the most custom tailored in the market. As one size rarely fits all, we encourage clients to select training topics from an extensive menu of offerings as diverse as corporate governance, compliance, debt sizing, contracts, PPP's and international tax. If we don’t have something ready to go, we are happy to develop new content for your learning platform.

All our modules have been produced by our founders Haydn and Dan – Find out more about Haydn and Dan below.

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Haydn Palliser

Haydn Palliser


Haydn Palliser is a founder and instructor at Pivotal180 and a globally renowned financial modeling and project finance expert. Haydn develops content for courses, teaches classes, and provides guidance and mentoring to financial modelers, advisors, and investors.

Daniel Gross

Daniel Gross


Daniel Gross is a founder at Pivotal180 and a private equity investor focused on renewable energy, infrastructure and socially responsible impact investing. Dan develops content for courses, teaches classes, and provides advisory services and transaction coaching to clients globally.


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