What are the main differences between the Project Finance and Infrastructure and Renewable Energy courses?

Differences between courses

The project finance and infrastructure course has the following additions, not covered in the renewable energy course:

  • Description of Project Agreements and Concession Agreements common in infrastructure (as opposed to Power Purchase Agreements)
  • Case study is focused on a PPP hospital project
  • The model is less US-focused, meaning it covers:
    • Taxable entities (i.e. SPVs who pay tax, which is common outside of North America) as well as the pass-through entities common in the US and Canada
    • Reducing balance depreciation categories
  • Covers more in relation to modeling various depreciation categories
  • Debt sizing with gearing/leverage constraint added
  • Addition to construction funding: Government contributes a proportion of the capital costs
  • Distributions have the option to be limited to retained earnings constraints, common in many countries
  • Shareholder loans
  • Maintenance reserve accounts
  • Tax in the 3-way statements