Who are We?

  • We teach from experience. Not from a book.

  • Going deep without getting lost in the weeds

    Our training explains WHY things work the way they do and HOW the multifaceted pieces fit together in the broader context of a transaction.

  • Complexity Simplified

    Our materials are designed to make hard things feel easy.

    We take dry material and make it interesting and fun.

    We have re-imagined financial training and created a novel approach which demystifies esoteric rules and techniques using simple and elegant examples and quantitative demonstrations.

  • You will learn to think like a lender, an equity investor, a developer, an owner/operator, a regulator and commodity off-taker.

  • We have been adjunct professors at USA Ivy League universities, we have taught in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia and worked in-house at best-in-class institutions like Goldman Sachs and GE Capital.

  • We are passionate about training and providing a learning experience of the highest caliber.

What do we do?

We advise, train and coach clients in navigating complex financial transactions. We help individuals and organizations to develop real-world deal skills, with an emphasis on financial modeling and analysis.

Using an innovative approach with proprietary online content, our training courses are able to cover more material in less time.

Pivotal180 offers public courses, online training, and in-house workshops which can be custom-tailored to fit the specific needs of a client. We are able to provide instruction and guidance on topics as diverse as governance, compliance, local law and tax regulations in almost any jurisdiction.

We are also committed to serving non-profit organizations as well as public institutions and government ministries, including human capacity building in Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere in the developing world.

We don’t just teach how to model. We teach how to do deals. Including:

  • Contracts and project documentation

  • Legal structure

  • Tax optimization

  • Commodity markets

  • Risk management

  • And even some of the underlying engineering, science and technology necessary to quantify risk and forecast financial performance.

What do we value?

  • We believe that businesses have a responsibility to their employees and to the communities in which they operate.
  • Intolerance is intolerable.
  • Pivotal celebrates diversity and respects the dignity of every individual.
  • Family, friendship, society, health, fitness and the pursuit of outside passions make life worth living.
  • We demand excellence from our employees without compromising their ability to be human.
  • We believe that climate change is a threat to the planet, to ecosystems and to life itself.
  • Rapid adoption of environmentally sustainable infrastructure is critical to our collective future.
  • We are committed to training project finance and other business professionals to be a part of the solution.
  • Dependence upon foreign aid and foreign consultants is not a long-term solution to poverty.
  • To stand on their own, developing nations require investment in local institutions and human capacity building.
  • Part of our mission is to bring financial skills and best practices to countries lacking such experience and expertise.
  • We aim to empower local people to lead their own transactions and ensure that government ministries are not at a disadvantage when pursuing Public Private Partnerships with multinational corporations and experienced investors.
  • Modeling is a critical skill, but it is just one piece of the toolkit necessary for deal execution and asset management.
  • Financial projections are only as good as the underlying assumptions.
  • We help you to understand what the numbers mean and how to determine whether they make sense.
  • We have served on boards of directors of companies, both public and private.
  • We have raised billions of dollars in debt and equity.
  • We have bought and sold operating companies and infrastructure assets.

Bottom Line:

Our Team


Daniel Gross

Founder & Instructor

Daniel Gross is a founder and instructor at Pivotal180 and a private equity investor focused on renewable energy, infrastructure and socially responsible impact investing. Dan develops content for courses, teaches classes, and provides advisory services and transaction coaching to clients globally.


Alison Leckie


Alison is a founder and the COO & CFO of Pivotal180. She is responsible for managing business and finance related tasks. Alison will also be leading courses related to FP&A and providing coaching to accountants and FP&A managers.


Haydn Palliser

Founder & Instructor

Haydn Palliser is a founder and instructor at Pivotal180 and a globally renowned financial modeling and project finance expert. Haydn develops content for courses, teaches classes, and provides guidance and mentoring to financial modelers, advisors, and investors.


Florentina Mutafungwa

emerging markets specialist

Florentina is a specialist in Government advisory and capacity building in Emerging Markets. She designs and implements consulting and training programs within the energy and infrastructure sectors in Africa.


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