Customized Training

Customized training solutions developed to address the unique challenges that your team and organization face. Leverage our existing course portfolio and resources or work with us to create a solution specific to your needs.


We are committed to providing real skills and knowledge, acquired over time, utilizing methods including in-person training, live streaming sessions, coaching and mentoring, and online learning.

We enhance learning by customizing the training to emulate your approach to risk management, and preferred financial structure. Courses can be tailored to be based on real deals within your portfolio, including incorporation of the actual transaction documents and country-specific tax regime.

Pivotal180 trainers have taught over 4,750 students over the last four years. We have learned what it takes to create engagement and to teach concepts.

No other training organization goes this deep. Our training solutions include lessons on how to read legal documents, the key provisions of the major Agreements, and items such as how to forecast wind. Learning should not stop when class ends.

All participants in our training programs receive 12 months of free access to our self-paced online training platform. This enables students to review concepts covered in class, dive deeper into items we do not have time to broach in class, and to ask questions of the trainers and other students


We consult individually with our clients to determine the skills and knowledge required to drive their team forward. We take the time to listen, making sure we know exactly why and what training is required to deliver the best results. We take the guess work out of training needs analysis by using proven tools to help determine current skills gaps and priority needs.

Based on detailed training needs analysis we then customize the curriculum to fit your needs and develop a training model for your review and comment. Based upon your input, we would ensure that the training model closely resembles the output required by your team in their respective job functions. The underlying assumptions and drivers of the model will be customized to match a specific deal of your choosing (based on term sheets you provide).


Often is the case that current skills and knowledge and modeling experience can vary across individuals and teams. As such, we provide access to online pre-course lessons and a pre-course assignment on agreed topics such that people with less experience will have a chance to prepare and hit the ground running in class.


You do not learn modeling by watching. You learn by doing. Our courses require students to complete exercises and develop a full financial model themselves with our guidance. We explain the concepts, provide students some time to start tackling the problem themselves, and we complete and walk through each line of the model together. We use real-life examples from our experience to bring concepts to life.
Some training organizations introduce complex concepts entirely (or mostly) within a large quarterly Excel spreadsheet. Instead, we believe that many concepts are best introduced using 5-year annual examples that can fit onto a single computer monitor. These simple standalone demos enable students to master concepts before implementing them into a full project finance model in which it may be difficult to “see the forest for the trees.”

The ultimate measure of success for any training program is how effectively learners can apply their new skills and knowledge to their work. As learning professionals, we know this knowledge transfer occurs over time and requires practice and reinforcement. To support this process and to aid continuing development we provide course participants with 12 months of free online access to our learning management system which includes hours or content and learning resources.

The content included online provides far more detail than what we can often teach in-person. Course slides are available through the platform as is an online discussion board in which students can ask additional questions of the instructors.

We are committed to ensuring our programs deliver the results that we promise, and work with you to ensure we have the right mechanisms in place to assess the outcomes associated with our training courses. Using the Kirkpatrick evaluation model, we have systems in place to assess our training programs across the following:

  • Level 1 – Reaction. Did the learners feel the training was valuable?
  • Level 2 – Learning. What is it that the learners can do differently as a result of the training?
  • Level 3 – Behavior. Have behaviors changed enabling learners to apply their new skills and knowledge to their work?
  • Level 4 – Results. Can we demonstrate a good return on investment?

Leverage our existing course portfolio and resources to tailor a course or work with us to create a solution specific to your needs.

Download Pivotal180’s course programs to help you prepare your own tailored course from our list of topics.

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