Self Paced Online Training

Using videos and downloadable excel templates our online programs take you through how to build a model line by line. Develop sections of a model or a complete model from scratch. You decide what parts of the course matter most to you.

Online training with PIvotal180

Our approach emphasizes why things work the way they do and how the multi-faceted pieces fit together in the broader context of a transaction.

Our courses are not limited to financial modeling and best practices in Microsoft Excel.  We are committed to explaining how the numbers align with underlying financial and engineering concepts, transaction structures, legal documentation, market conditions and risk management approaches. We don’t just teach how to build models. We teach how to do deals.

Our online courses include 12 month access to all content including:

  • Videos explaining key concepts, excel functions and deal terms
  • Excel-based demo tutorials Excel reinforcing key modeling techniques
  • An extensive project model, comparable to what would be used for project development or investment decision-making  (Excel)
  • Video guidance walking you though virtually every line and approach used in the extensive project model

The quality and clarity of our online content is truly exceptional, developed by our founders Dan and Haydn there is simply nothing else like it in the market. 

Renewable energy project finance modeling

Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling

Tax Equity modeling Solar

Tax Equity Modeling

Infrastructure and project finance modeling

Project Finance & Infrastructure Modeling

Business Plans

Financial Modeling for Business Plans

Mining Financial modeling

Mining Project Finance Modeling

What's included?

  • 12 months access to our online material, including concept videos with transcriptions, lecture slides, downloadable spreadsheet examples

  • Complete step-by-step model walk-through, and access to discussion forums for ongoing questions

  • Subscription can be extended annually post the first 12 months for $100 per annum

  • Membership to the Pivotal180 alumni network

  • Course completion certificate

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