Previous clients include Clinton Foundation, Coalition for Green Capital, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Macquarie  Group Limited, Apollo Global Management, Siemens Financial Services, Algonquin Power and Utilities, Energy Acuity LLC, Capricorn Power, Cross Boundary, ACWA Power and Lendlease LLC.


It was exceptional learning through the platform and I cannot say enough good things about you guys. I recommend you to everyone who needs to know anything about modeling. Thank you all for all the effort you put into this. You’ve passed on invaluable skills to many professionals who need it and I’m grateful that I was one of them.

I took this course to improve my renewable energy project finance knowledge and capabilities as I look to move from the construction industry in to renewable energy finance and I found the course incredibly valuable. The course instructor was very knowledgeable and the lessons were very well run. The content in the virtual platform that is available outside of the lessons were a great resource to help me build my competencies in certain areas that I felt I needed to develop further. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to develop a solid foundation in renewable energy project finance modelling.

Simon Murray on Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling (Live Stream) 3 Dec 2020!


Great course on the fundamentals of Renewable Energy Finance Great course with clear and concise instruction. Good introduction to project finance and renewable. The excel models are easy to work with and learn from, and they do a good job of giving you a good foundation of excel skills too. There’s quite a bit to learn for everyone.

Rated 5 out of 5

Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling (Online) by PIvotal180 was brilliant, in depth easily explained where possible. Very very good.

Couldn’t speak more highly of my experience at Pivotal180’s Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling course! Daniel Gross and Haydn Palliser have developed practical content and deliver it in an engaging, individualized manner. I look forward to applying the powerful and relevant skills I developed at the course to support my work.   Abraham Wapner – Coalition of Green Capital

I just finished the renewable energy project finance modeling course online yesterday and thought that it was amazingly educational and quite enjoyable. I am definitely signing up for the infrastructure course as well

We recently engaged Pivotal 180 to provide us with Tax Equity Modeling online training. This training was given to select members of our team in financial reporting, tax, finance and development.
We recommend the online training services of Pivotal180. Pivotal 180 provides quality educational programs; the thorough explanations, detailed explanations of calculation and well-structured training allowed for one to gain an in-depth understanding of complex material.

I am extremely happy with this course and the simplified, step-by-step presentation from the Pivotal 180 team. The material is directly applicable to projects I work on, and it has helped expedite my transition into the investments side of the business. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their financial modeling skills!

I absolutely loved the RE Project Finance Modeling course, and leveled up my modeling skills much more quickly than I have through any other course. Dan and Haydn are incredibly clear and thorough, so true beginners will benefit, but the course moves quickly and I have a much more in depth knowledge of the topics I though I’d covered prior to this course. Though I typically prefer in-person courses, I’m now a convert to the online format as it allows for self-pacing, and there’s no chance of falling behind because you missed what the instructor was saying. Looking forward to the next Pivotal180 course I can sign up for! Fiona Wilson Clinton Foundation

Congratulations Daniel Gross, Haydn, Alison, and the rest of the Pivotal180 team. I just completed the renewable energy project finance course, and if the new tax equity course is anywhere close to that quality, I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested. The project finance course was fantastic – a practical, detailed overview that teaches every aspect of modeling. Great work to all involved! Excited to see what else you have in store. Mark Fowler, Director of Government Relations at Ameresco 

“The content is very relevant and structure is easy and digestible. I asked a question on the forum and got a response straight away!”

Renewable Energy Project Finance Financial Modeling Online Student


“The Pivotal 180 energy financial modeling course was incredibly valuable, it was perfectly paced; slow enough that I could model and take thorough notes but not too slow to be boring. The instructors were comprehensive and answered all questions including after class follow-up. I highly recommend this course.”
– Director, Energy & infrastructure Investments, Siemens Financial Services.