Pivotal180 provides model audit services. Speak with us to discuss the needs of your organization.


Pivotal180 specializes in Project Finance Modeling via an Online Self-paced Training, Tailored Training, Public Live Streaming and Model Audit and Advisory services.

Our team leverages decades of transaction and investment experience into consulting assignments ranging from financial modeling consulting services to deal structuring, pricing, transaction documentation, workouts, restructuring, litigation support and model audit services. Our global modeling qualifications include a wide range of deal types and sizes spanning all sectors of the Infrastructure & Energy markets, including Transport, Social Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Mining, Water, Oil and Gas projects, and more.

In every engagement, we strive to include coaching and mentorship to help our clients deepen their skills and understanding.


Our model audit process will pair you directly with an experienced professional to ensure the highest level of attention and communication. Each audit takes roughly (2-4) weeks depending on the size and scope of your model, and will include four iterations.

Our methodology utilizes a combination of cell-by-cell model audit, high-level review, and replication of key elements of the model.

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Experienced team – your project manager will be one of the most experienced model auditors in the market. We don’t outsource all of the work to new analysts around the world. We have worked across renewables, infrastructure and mining.

Our team are not just coders. We have been advisors and consultants to some of the world’s leading firms. We understand the big picture.

Having led transactions and made investments, our team truly understands risk. We understand financial models and risk better than anyone else in the market.

With offices in New York, London and Sydney. We work overnight across time zones to deliver model audits quicker than our competitors.

We utilize a combination of cell-by-cell, high-level review, and replication of core elements of the model to give you the most assurance possible. and provides a flexible and robust process. 

As experienced financial modelers we are also able to identify outputs that do not match with commercial expectations. 

We communicate proactively, helping you to work through issues and offer suggestions throughout the process. We talk to our clients regularly to ensure any issues are resolved efficiently and effectively.

We believe in a collaborative approach so we truly understand and meet our clients' expectations.

The Model Audit process is spearheaded by Haydn Palliser and takes roughly (2-4) weeks with four iterations. We utilize a combination of cell-by-cell model audit, high-level review, and replication of key elements of the model.

We use experienced team members, rather than outsourcing the work to inexperienced analysts. The rates are highly competitive and calculated by the size of the model and the number of inputs.


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