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By Alison Leckie | June 21, 2022

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Team News 

Diego – Intern 

We are pleased to introduce you to the latest member of the Pivotal180 team. Diego will be supporting Haydn in training, course creation and advisory services. You will meet him in a few of our training sessions.

Diego is currently studying a Master in Public Administration at Columbia University and is interested in financing mechanisms for energy transition models, investments in renewable energy, and sustainable financing.

Recognition of Haydn

Congratulations to Haydn who was recognized by Columbia University with an award for his extraordinary teaching. This award is all the more rewarding as it was based on the feedback of the students. You are in good hands in Pivotal180 training courses.

Course Updates

We have been busy developing new online material. We are really excited about the new content we are going to launch in 2022. We are back in the film studio in August to film additional material for our current online courses. We will be adding a number of videos. Watch this space.

Please see below some of  the new topics we will be adding to our courses:

  • Seasonality
  • Reserve accounts and major maintenance
  • Interest rate day count
  • Deferred tax assets/liabilities
  • HLBV intro
  • Corporate debt ratios
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Alternative renewables offtake structures
  • Sale and purchase agreements

Course Portfolio

The courses in our existing portfolio have been developed to emphasize why things work the way they do and how the multi-faceted pieces fit together in the broader context of a transaction.

We look forward to seeing you enroll in our next live stream courses.

Join our next renewable live-streaming class beginning July 18, 2022

Join our next tax equity live-streaming class beginning August 26, 2022

Project Finance and Infrastructure Modeling

Learn the concepts to develop a financial model related to PPP/P3s for both social and economic infrastructure. A toll road financial model is provided with a description of the revenue and cost drivers.

Tax Equity Modeling

Gain an overview of the tax equity structures commonly used in U.S. renewable energy investments, with a focus on the development of a financial model. Dive deep into tax capital accounts, deficit restoration obligations, stop loss allocations, and HLBV accounting.

Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling

Learn how to develop a best-practice financial model and optimize it for both debt and equity investors for a renewable energy project finance deal. Using a case study, participants learn the concepts required to develop a financial model related to wind and solar.

Introduction to Battery Storage

This course covers topics related to battery storage including energy markets fundamentals, types of battery storage, uses of storage capacity, battery terminology, economics behind batteries, risks associated with the storage investments.

Battery Course Financial Model

The battery course includes a standalone financial model. The model forecasts cash flows for 10 years on an annual basis, meaning each column of the model represents one year.

The objective in this course is to orientate you with a model and to set you up to run your own sensitivities and scenarios to evaluate battery storage investments. You will use your download of the model to change inputs and to assess the impact on returns.

Pricing and Discounts

Promotional offers – available on Introduction to Battery Storage extended until August 31, 2022.

  • Launch price of $500 – available to anyone.
  • Promotional price for students $250*.
  • Anyone who has bought our Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling. Course, fee for the Introduction to Battery Storage  is $400*.

*Please contact alison@pivotal180.com. to obtain a coupon code to apply on registration.

Price increase existing courses.

  • It has been over two years since we launched our online courses and up until now we have not increased our prices, despite rapid inflation.
  • We wish to advise that the cost of our existing courses will increase on September 1, 2022.

Free ResourcesOur free resources include videos, blogs, how-to guides, webinars and course samples all curated across relevant categories such as debt concepts, excel functions, and modeling best practice.


New Blog – coming soon

Green Hydrogen

Featured Content

Project Agreementsjoakim-honkasalo-v6IgcOoeBWA-unsplash-1

In this video, we discuss the function and the sample terms of project agreements, as well as how the structure can be used to mitigate the underlying risks.

Financial Model Audit /due diligence

Haydn is one of the most experienced model auditors in the market. If you need a review of a financial model, please reach out to us.

Please contact haydn@pivotal180.com  or alison@pivotal180.com

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