Renewable Energy Project Finance Deal & Asset Management Modeling – Recorded Webinar

By Haydn Palliser | January 8, 2021


Recorded Webinar Renewable Energy Project Finance Deal and Asset Management Modeling 

Feel free to watch the recorded video of our live webinar held in March 2020 below

Presented by CohnReznick Capital and Pivotal180 March 2020

Financial modeling is central to understanding the economics of any renewable energy project. The model must allow for relatively complex functionality to structure and modify a deal when certain aspects are still in flux, often with multiple types of financing integrated together. You must know the typical layout of a renewable energy financial model and the performance and pricing sensitivities required in order to make a sound investment decision based upon it.

Complex deal financial models are often transferred post funding to an asset manager. The asset manager may oversee a number of investments, and typically focuses on high-level management decisions, internal reporting, and project performance-related tasks. Your transaction financial model needs to be simplified and modified post funding to suit the needs of asset management.

Participants learn:

  1. The purpose and contents of a renewable energy financial model
  2. Which sensitivities are typically run when analyzing an investment
  3. How to configure a model for asset management purposes

Speakers are Haydn Palliser, Principal, Pivotal180 and Manish Hebbar Managing Director, CohnReznick Capital


Renewable Energy Deal & Asset Management Financial Modeling - Live Webinar (w/ Cohn Reznick Capital)

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