10 guiding principles for an effective financial model

By Haydn Palliser | August 21, 2019


Financial models are developed to assist with decision making. A model needs to accurately communicate a story to senior stakeholders, clarity is crucial for them and for your career! We believe in simplicity. Too many rules are overwhelming.

Pivotal180 instead provides three characteristics for an effective financial model as follows:

  • A model must be clear and concise – designed for decision makers
  • It must be simple and transparent – so it is easy to review
  • Develop the model to be robust and flexible – correct and simple to update

Our 10 Guiding Principles for an Effective Financial Model support these three guiding characteristics on one page and are available to download, please complete form on this page.  Join one of our courses to learn more, or subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of additions to our free resources and upcoming events.

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Complexity simplified.

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