Pivotal180 Newsletter December 2023

By Alison Leckie | December 7, 2023

In this newsletter we have included the following content:

  • 2023 Wrap Up
  • New Team Member
  • Course Updates
  • Free Resources
  • Course Portfolio 
  • Promotional Offers 
  • Financial Model Audit 

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2023 Wrap Up

What an incredible year it has been for Pivotal180.

We had over 1,500 students participate in our training programs.

We ran 45 courses for 650 students over 110 days of instructor-led training.  More than 900 new students purchased licenses for our online content and over 650 students renewed their subscriptions.

We look forward to launching more courses in 2024.

Thank you to everyone for your support and trust in Pivotal180. Wishing you happy holidays!

New Team Member

Stephanie Williams – Administrative Assistant

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Stephanie Williams as the newest member of the Pivotal180 team. Stephanie will be responsible for training coordination and other tasks to support the Pivotal180 team and our clients. Steph has over 30 years experience as an executive assistant including the last 20 at Wells Fargo Bank. We look forward to having her support across all aspects of our business. The weekends will often find her walking with her dog. Her favorite Excel short cut is ctrl C

Course Updates

We are continuing to develop new online material for our existing courses and we are excited about the new content we have released in 2023.

Having our own film studio enables us to regularly film and provide additional material for our online courses.

New material in 2023

  1. Seasonality (Renewable and Project Finance courses)
  2. Major maintenance reserve accounts (Renewable and Project Finance courses)
  3. Pass-through and blockers update (Renewable and Project Finance courses)
  4. Excel shortcuts, tips and tricks (Renewable and Project Finance courses)
  5. Model checks (Renewable and Project Finance courses)
  6. Quizzes Chapters 7-17 (Renewable course) and Chapters 5-14 (Project Finance course)
  7. Intro to US tax credits (Renewable and Tax Equity courses)
  8. US tax credits – ITC (Renewable and Tax Equity courses)
  9. US tax credits – PTC (Renewable and Tax Equity courses)
  10. US tax credits – credit structure and adders (Renewable and Tax Equity courses, Dec upload)
  11. Background to HLBV (Tax Equity course)
  12. HLBV method overview (Tax Equity course)
  13. HLBV calculation intro (Tax Equity course)
  14. Interest rate day count (Renewable, Tax Equity, and Project Finance courses)
  15. AC vs DC energy (Renewable and battery courses, Dec upload)
  16. Transmission vs distribution (Renewable and Battery courses, Dec upload)
  17. Inverters and efficiency (Renewable and Battery courses, Dec upload)
  18. Overbuild ratio (Renewable and Battery courses, Dec upload)
  19. Battery energy flows (Battery course, Dec upload)
  20. Battery arbitrage demo, part 1 (Battery course, Dec upload)
  21. Battery arbitrage demo, part 2 (Battery course, Dec upload)
  22. Battery arbitrage demo, summary (Battery course, Dec upload)
  23. Introduction to solar/wind + storage (Battery course, Dec upload)
  24. AC coupled battery energy flows (Battery course, Dec upload)
  25. AC coupled battery energy flows, demo (Battery course, Dec upload)
  26. DC coupled battery energy flows (Battery course, Dec upload)
  27. DC coupled battery energy flows, demo (Battery course, Dec upload)
  28. AC vs DC coupling (Battery course, Dec upload)
  29. Combined solar/wind + storage revenue streams (Battery course, Dec upload)

Lessons expected early 2024

  1. Battery augmentation strategies
  2. Tax credit adders (details on each adder)
  3. Tax credit transferability
  4. Fair Market Value (FMV) step-ups (with and without transfer)
  5. Brand new Mining course is in progress!
  6. Adding scenario case selector to multiple sheets
  7. Additional quizzes

Free Resources

Pros and Cons of Transferability.

One of the biggest changes to renewable energy financing introduced with last year’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the concept of transferability – that is, the option for project sponsors to sell tax credits generated by their clean energy projects to third parties. This article explores some things sponsors should consider when weighing the option to transfer credits.

In Conversation with Daniel Scorah

InfraBe is an experienced recruitment firm focused on the global infrastructure sectors, including energy and utilities and renewable energy. Daniel shares his insight on recent trends in the global infrastructure markets and how these changes translate in the recruiting and hiring spheres.

In Conversation with Daniel Gross Part 1

Dan has had a long and successful career both investing in renewable energy projects and teaching students across the world about energy finance, and in this interview you’ll hear his career advice for those working in renewable energy and energy finance.

ICYMI: US Department of Energy Announces 7 Clean Hydrogen Hubs

The Department of Energy (DOE) released a list of seven “hubs” intended to spur investment in the production of clean hydrogen. The intention behind H2Hubs is not only to promote clean hydrogen production, but also to reduce the cost of this fuel by clustering producers, consumers, and the required distribution infrastructure in specific geographic areas.

In Conversation with Matt McMonagle and Manka Khanna

NovoHydrogen is a green hydrogen developer in the United States. Share Novo’s journey since the company was founded 2 years ago, including recent funding announcements and their participation in the DOE’s H2Hubs program. We also discuss how recent policy changes in the US are providing new incentives for green hydrogen projects.

Course Portfolio

The courses in our existing portfolio have been developed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to tackle all the multi-faceted pieces of a transaction.

We look forward to assisting you in demystifying project finance and tax equity. Our upcoming courses are listed below.

Renewable live-streaming class begins February 14, 2024. Register today

Renewable in-person course New York January 22-25, 2024. Reserve a place

Tax Equity live-streaming class begins January 16, 2024.Register today

Battery Storage one day-in person New York January 16, 2024. Register today

Project Finance Modeling in-person Sydney March 4-7, 2024 Reserve a place

Project Finance and Infrastructure Modeling

Learn the concepts to develop a financial model related to PPP/P3s for both social and economic infrastructure. A mining financial model will be added to this course soon. Watch this space!

Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling

Learn how to develop a best-practice financial model and optimize it for both debt & equity investors for a renewable energy project finance deal. Using a case study learn, the concepts required to develop a financial model related to wind and solar.

Introduction to Battery Storage

Grow your knowledge of topics related to battery storage including energy markets fundamentals, types of battery storage technology, uses of storage capacity, battery terminology, economics behind batteries, and risks associated with storage investments.

Tax Equity Modeling

Gain an overview of the tax equity structures commonly used in U.S. renewable energy investments, with a focus on the development of a financial model. Dive deep into tax capital accounts, deficit restoration obligations, stop loss allocations, and HLBV accounting.

Financial Model Audit / Due Diligence

Haydn and the Pivotal180 team are some of the most experienced model auditors in the market. If you need a review of a financial model, please contact. haydn@pivotal180.com or bastian@pivotal180.com

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