Tax Equity Finance Modeling

Tax Equity Finance Modeling Course Content

Build a Tax Equity financial model from scratch using a US renewable energy project as a case study.

This is an intensive course providing an overview of the tax equity structures commonly used in U.S. renewable energy investments, with a focus on the development of a financial model.

This is an advanced course and we strongly recommend completing our Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling first. The Tax Equity course assumes knowledge of  (1) the initial grounding in best practice modeling techniques and (2) some of the tax concepts introduced in the Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling course (“REPFM”). The Tax Equity course goes deep into tax capital accounts, deficit restoration obligations, stop loss allocations, and HLBV accounting. None of which  is contained in REPFM

Tax Equity Modeling Live Streaming

Course Price: $3200

September 4, 2024
Live Streaming

Tax Equity Modeling Live Streaming

Course Price: $3200

September 4, 2024
Live Streaming
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Tax Equity Modeling Online

Course Price: $900

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Online Self Paced

  • This course presumes prior knowledge of advanced Excel functions, techniques, best practice financial modeling techniques and concepts such as debt sizing, debt sculpting, and optimizing a model to a required PPA price.
  • It is highly recommended to take the Pivotal180 Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling Course before enrolling in the Tax Equity course
  • Excel functions, formulas and shortcuts
  • Best practice modeling concepts
  • Data validation and named ranges
  • Tax equity model familiarization
  • Model familiarization and SPV calculations
  • Book versus tax depreciation
  • Taxable income (Earnings Before Tax)
  • Efficient versus inefficient (self-sheltering) taxpayers and NOLs
  • US tax credits – PTC, ITC, 45Q
  • Project level benefits of depreciation and tax
  • Introduction to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
  • Review of US renewable energy incentives and project benefits
  • Introduction to tax equity
  • Tax equity rules, structures and terms
  • Partnership disproportionate allocations and flips
  • Tax equity risk and returns
  • Introduction to back leverage
  • Structure and terms of key tax equity contracts
  • Accounting considerations: GAAP and HLBV
  • Introduction to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
  • Partnership sharing of benefits
  • Modeling disproportionate partnership allocations
  • Sizing tax equity investments
  • Back leverage structure
  • Back leverage debt sizing and repayments
  • Constuction funding and tax equity bridge loans
  • Sponsor equity benefits, investment and returns
  • Introduction to tax capital accounts
  • Inside basis / s704(b) capital accounts
  • Stop loss reallocations
  • Deficit restoration obligations (DRO)
  • Determining who gets what out of the partnership
  • Impact of reallocations on tax equity investment sizing
  • Outside (tax) basis capital accounts
  • 704(d) suspended losses
  • Determining when losses can be utilized
  • Outside basis impact on taxable income and losses
  • s731(a) gains
  • s754 stepups
  • s734(b) depreciation
  • Review of tax capital account movements
  • DRO special income allocations
  • Impact of capital account reallocations and adjustments
  • Sizing tax equity investments after capital accounts
  • Circularity of tax equity sizing calculations
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) and stepups
  • What matters most in tax equity transactions
  • Calendar dated flips (CDF)
  • Sponsor buyout options
  • Tax impact of buyouts
  • Key changes under the IRA
  • Tax credit transferability
  • Direct credit transfers without tax equity
  • Hybrid tax equity structures (‘tax equity light’)

  • Self-paced, online – complete this course online at your own pace.
  • Live streaming – join virtually with other professionals in a small group environment to complete this course.
  • In Person –join at a venue with other professionals in a small group environment to complete this course.
  • Inhouse – this course can be customized to address the unique challenges that your team or organization face.

This course will benefit the following people:

  • This course is best suited to people with experience in the sector, however those who have completed our Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling course with a keen interest in tax equity are encouraged to join the tax equity course
  • Foreign investors looking to understand the US market
  • Analysts, associates, vice presidents and banks, funds, investors, developers and operating entities needing to understand the complexity of tax equity
  • CFOs or other finance team members of operating entities who have the misfortune of taking over a deal tax equity model

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  • Students and non-profits are eligible for a discount of 50% (no other discounts may be added to this).
  • Online course price for students and non profits is $450.
  • Student are not eligible, to renew their subscription and the license will expire after 12 months
  • Other discounts
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    • Early bird (interactive online sessions only ) if book 8 weeks before the course – 10%.

Cancellation Policy for Public Courses

  • 4 weeks before the course: Full Refund*
  • 1-4 weeks before the course: 50% Refund
  • <1 week before the course: No Refund

*Refund is less any merchant fees incurred on payment

  • 12 months access to our online material, including concept videos with transcriptions, lecture slides, downloadable spreadsheet examples.
  • A complete step-by-step model walk-through using an annual model, and access to discussion forums for ongoing questions.
  • A downloadable quarterly Tax Equity model
  • Subscription can be extended annually post the first 12 months for $100 per annum.
  • Lunch, tea & coffee at the venue (public session participants only).
  • Course completion certificate.

  • It is strongly recommended you have completed the Renewable Energy Project Finance Modeling Course (either as a public session or online) prior to taking this course. If you haven’t completed this recommended course, please speak with us to determine if the course is appropriate for you.
  • Knowledge of project finance pass-through entities, generation and operations of renewables projects, and tax calculations recommended (covered in recommended course above)
  • Best practice modeling skills
  • Advanced knowledge of, and access to Excel
  • Computer/Laptop (two monitors is preferrable)
  • Power Cord